what is link popularity

What is Link Popularity

Link popularity is a familiar phrase to many Webmasters & SEO specialists. Essentially, link popularity is a "determination" of how popular a website is based on the number of "incoming links" it has from other websites. Link popularity is an example of the usage of "off page criteria" by major search engines to determine the quality of a website and its content. In theory, "off page criteria" incorporates some objectivity to search engine rankings of websites.

Link popularity plays an important role in the potential "visibility" of a website within search engine results pages (SERPs). Several major search engines require at least a few incoming links (back links) to a website, otherwise they will drop it from their servers (index). SEO TIP! Read our latest natural text linking strategy article, or if you want learn about PPC ad campaigns click HERE!


Major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! & Google use special link analysis systems to rank websites and individual website pages. "Back links" from other websites help define another website's reputation on the Internet. The essence of link popularity is that high quality and "important" websites will attract many more back links than will "less important" or low quality websites.

Link popularity "theory" assumes that all incoming links are not equal. For example: Inbound (incoming) links from a major web directory or an "authority site" carry more weight than an inbound link from a brand new (unproven) website. In other words, the quality of incoming links is significantly more important than the quantity of incoming links to a website.

Should I use paid links and link exchanges to improve my SEO? Google is very clear on what they believe! Be honest, be relevant and refrain from PR and SERP manipulation. Consider consulting with a professional when planning this phase of your SEO strategy.

Like you might expect, relevant "back links" from related topic areas are best. For example: a law firm seeking to improve it's search engine marketing efforts might want to seek out an attorney link building services SEO company. SEO TIP! If you're using Google Places (IT'S FREE!), you should also consider utilizing some Google Places SEO strategies.

There are numerous excellent SEO and Internet marketing firms across the globe! Relevant, useful and related content SEO (search engine optimization) link building remains a "best practice" for many of the largest firms doing business on the "virtual planet."

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